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The course that helps you think about life's most important questions!
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Do you believe there is ‘something’?

Student Alpha is a unique course in which we cover the basics of the Christian faith. You get the opportunity to immerse yourself in questions like:
  • “What is the purpose of life?”
  • “Is there something like God?”
  • “Why am I afraid of death?”
  • “Did Jesus really exist?”
  • “What is the answer to the question: Why do I exist?”
The course offers you the opportunity to think together about the most important questions in life. This is something that will certainly deepen your outlook on life.

You and possibly your fellow students or friends should not miss such a unique course. A response from a participant:


“I enjoyed the open conversations about the way people view life. The Alpha course is really an excellent opportunity to broaden that view and learn more from others. But above all, they are also just very pleasant evenings! recommended! “

“Thanks to Alpha, I started a conversation with believers and immersed myself in Christianity. I got to know very nice people and heard beautiful stories. I was able to ask all my questions about religion and discussed various topics such as Jesus, evil. and the Bible. They were very pleasant evenings from which I learned a lot. I can certainly recommend the Alpha course for both believers and non-believers. “


What does the course bring me?

A lot of fun, a free meal and a lot of in-depth conversation.

But I am not a Christian ...

We love to look for important questions in life together. The course is for everyone from 17 to 28, regardless of your background. Actually, more different backgrounds will likely improves the course.

But I am a Christian ...

No problem, you are welcome too 😊. It is often very refreshing to focus on the basics once in a while!

What does an evening look like?

We start at 18:30 with a free joint meal. Afterwards there is coffee and tea and an introduction to the theme of the evening. Then you discuss this in a small group. Then it’s 21:00 and you can stay for a drink if you want, but you can also go home, what you want 🙂

I doubt if this is something for me.

Just come and have a look, if you like it you can come over more often! If it didn’t suit it, it only took you an evening (and resulted in free food 😉)

We will start on Wednesday 20th of March 2024 with a new course (18:30). The course starts with a joint meal (free pizza). Then a topic is discussed and we move on to the most important part: Discussing the topic with each other. This also ensures that every opinion can be discussed. More information? Fill in the form below and you will receive more information!


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